I am not online so often. The game has become too 
expensive.  After all of these years,
I think I play the game out of routine.
I do not seek any new friends, thank you.

I am Aunt Suzy and the owner of Castle View Stables
formerly located in The Netherlands.

An adult and life long horse enthusiast growing up 
with horses from the age of 6 years.  

Originally from the States (Oregon) I have lived in NL
for 12 years, lastly living in the 
Providence of Utrecht.

It is nice to be back "home" in Oregon, but I miss my
Special Howrse friends;
Annita, Jokl, Celeste, Wendy and Fly. :S_v1828806360.png



A special thank you all who have welcomed me and my family into Howrse!
It has been very nice to meet others who share in the love of horses
and play the game together.

~ auntsuzy